Why we washed each other’s feet at our wedding

Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet. I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.”  John 13:14-15

Feet are kinda gross. A pedicure helps a lot with making them pretty though. When I go to a nail salon I always wonder what kind of feet the woman who is giving me a pedicure has seen and touched that day. I’m sure she’s had to smell and clean some clammy, grimy, and let’s just say, unpleasant feet. And those feet are coming from people who wear closed shoes, walk on paved roads, and drive cars.

Imagine the disciple’s feet. Probably prettyyyy gnarly with a prominent sandal tan. Only servants and slaves washed feet in those times. To think that the King of Kings would get on his knees and wash his followers feet is one of the most beautiful demonstrations of self-sacrificing love.

When planning for our wedding, Brycen and I wanted to keep the focus on Jesus. He is the one who first loved us and brought us to each other. All of the honor and glory belongs to Him. As a way of recognizing Jesus during our ceremony and following in his footsteps, we decided to wash each other’s feet. Jesus is the model of how we are to love each other; and the washing of feet is such a powerful and symbolic act of that kind of love.

As I was washing Brycen’s feet during our wedding ceremony, I didn’t fully understand what all of it meant. Today is our 6 month anniversary and as I look back at the past half year I understand a lot better of what that love looks like.

It’s not always easy. It can be hard work. It’s daily choosing to play the role of the servant. It’s choosing to put the other person above yourself. Even when you’re tired, and hungry, and in a bad mood. I see it in the little things like when Brycen eats the yellow and green sour patch kids so that I can eat the blue ones. Or when he replaces my glass with cold water in the morning before I wake up. Or when he cooks me breakfast on the weekends and doesn’t let me help because I cooked the meals during the week. And also in the big things like when he works so many hours overtime so that he can provide for us and keep our home comfortable – and so that he can buy me that cute dress at target he saw me look at. Or when he makes sure to pray with me as I’m running out the door on my first day of work. Or when he’s falling asleep in bed but is trying his hardest to respond and listen to me talk about how great my small group went that night.

I have been blessed with such a loving husband with a heart of gold. He puts my needs above his own and shows me a glimpse of Jesus’ love for me.

We haven’t been married for very long and I know I’m far from being an expert at this marriage stuff. But what I do know is that marriage rocks and it’s the second best decision I’ve ever made other than following Jesus. And I know that if we continue to have the same desire to walk in humility and to truly love and serve each other, to daily “wash each other’s feet”, then it’ll last forever.


Amazing photography by Rachel Jane Photo

Also here is our wedding video recap by Aaron Wagoner Films :




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