calendar diy

Half of 2013 is gone, guys. Let that sink in. Crazy!

I have a slight obsession with pinterest. (You can see my boards by clicking here.) Today I decided to do one of the crafty things I found on there: a calendar made out of paint samples. It’s cute, creative and useful.
Click here for the inspiration, and check out my final result:

July DIY

In the calendar online they used monochromatic colors, but I wanted as many pretty colors as possible! Also, they used a picture frame which I would have done if I could find one. Since I am in Mozambique right now, I don’t have the best access to supplies. (I snatched the paint samples in a shop when I was in South Africa). So unfortunately I won’t be able to put the calendar in a picture frame, use a dry erase marker to write things over the glass of the frame for the month of July, then simply erase and use it again for next month. I really liked the result though, so I will definitely do another one in the future with a picture frame.

What you will need:                                                                                                                                                                                             
– 7 paint samples (I love the names of the colors such as grecian spa, ruby fountain, himalayan musk, californian sands)
– white paper                                                                 
– black pen                                                                                          
– picture frame (optional and recommended)

What to do:                                                                                                                                                                      
– Organize the paint samples in a order that you like, then glue them side-by-side on white paper. I had to glue together two pieces of normal sized white paper because I didn’t have a bigger one.             
– Use a black pen to write the days of the week on the first little boxes. The paint samples have 6 little boxes each, which is just the right amount for 5 weeks of the month and to label the days of the week.                                                                   
(The following directions can be done with a dry erase marker after you have framed your creation, or if you only want to do it for this month you can go ahead and write it down on the paper like I did.)      
– Write down the numbers for the days of the month on the top right corners of the boxes.          
– Leave some of the white paper on the top blank, then write down the month and year in whatever creative way your heart desires!




I really enjoyed making and sharing this diy calendar with you! Hope you liked it:)

Let’s make July a good one.



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