home sweet Africa

hearing birds chirping when i wake up, sleeping in, walking barefoot in the sand, playing with children all day long, watching the most beautiful sunsets, eating my mom’s food, speaking my native language, watching brazilian soccer games with my dad, going to sleep under the most starry night sky.. yep, i’m home.

lately i keep catching myself thinking “how did God bless me so much?” i’m able to go to college, work, and have incredible friends in California, and on top of that i get to spend the summer home with my family in Mozambique. i am so thankful.

so many exciting things have happened in the past 2 and a half weeks that i’ve been back ! June 1st we celebrated children’s day with about 1000 kids at our church. all of the different classes from the school had prepared something to perform including songs, dances, and sharing Bible verses. those kids love having the spotlight, and they definitely know how to work it! some of the youth (including me) and workers of the church all dressed up in crazy costumes to entertain the kids. i fully embraced being a clown and was able to get lots of laughs from the kids – especially with my Miranda Sings dance moves. if you don’t know who i’m talking about.. please watch this (ps. your life is about to change)

you’re welcome.

anyway, after the festivities we sent the kids off with a small toy and some candy. it was a beautiful celebration 🙂

home sweet Africa

968877_10201297988434678_1688448822_n                970662_10201298037035893_2106565805_n943242_10201298045076094_2025361238_n                485547_10201298012755286_858225419_n934747_10201298064596582_2048475917_n                7479_10201298052836288_2122645978_n943229_10201298061236498_1567880149_n                           382237_10201298050756236_1058609584_n

the next Saturday we celebrated the same holiday with the children of the island of Katembe. click here to watch a video of my sister explaining a bit more about the outreach ministry.

i absolutely love going to Katembe. the children are so hungry for Jesus and it’s such an honor to be able to love on them.

993086_10201342790434700_376367453_n           10607_10201342791874736_1188233221_n1001641_10201342798754908_1383671701_n           7294_10201342801434975_289789198_n1000284_10201342812755258_306512617_n          600560_10201342826715607_337422276_n969712_10201342825155568_1128156606_n          995039_10201342829355673_1325843327_n946663_10201342835795834_271437077_n          7136_10201342821395474_1447839142_n 

971630_10201342846516102_556349846_n          397429_10201342844116042_599483625_n 1005142_10201342841715982_167325894_n          995303_10201342846836110_729080977_n

sorry for the extensive post.. i have a slight passion for photos and for these precious faces.

thanks so much for reading and i hope you are having an equally amazing summer so far:)




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