Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!

This has been such a great week! I moved to a new apartment (a blog post with my room decor and some diy will be up sometime soon) last Saturday and it’s been fun getting settled into the new place. I have the most amazing roommates I could ask for. Seriously, they’re great. I’ve lived with Christine and Brian (the coolest married couple ever) for 9 months now and they have been so incredibly wonderful to me. I call them my “parents” but they’re in their twenties.. So they’re really more just like cousins or something.. But we truly have become a family and I’m so blessed that I get to share an apartment and many memories with them!

Me with my ridiculously good looking American/Norwegian/Filipino parents.

We have a new addition to our little family now. One of our best friends moved in with us! Welcome Vilma:)

On a side note, Christine is an amazing writer. She’s actually an editor for a cool crafts magazine! Yeah, be impressed. You should follow her blog:

Here are a few of my favorite things this week:

Favorite Snack:


Oh my goodness.. I’m addicted.

Favorite Facts:

Favorite Outfit:

Picture 1 

Dress: Forever 21. Flats: Target. Flower: snatched outside Yogurtland.. shhh

Favorite Book:


Every woman needs to read this. So good!

Buy here:

Favorite Fruit: Watermelon


I rediscovered how delicious watermelons are when Jimmy (my coworker) got 2 buckets of them.

Favorite Night:

 Picture 2

Wednesday night on a date with the love of my life at Portola Coffee Lab. 

Favorite Song: Flower in Your Hair by The Lumineers

I’ve loved the Lumineers ever since Brycen (my boyfriend) showed me “Ho Hey”.  This week I heard some more of their music and now I can’t stop listening to this cute little song.

Favorite Bible Verse: Hosea 2:19-20

This week I have tried to set apart more time to read the Word, pray, and just spend quality time with God. I feel so encouraged and ready to take on the day when I take some time resting in my Father’s presence. I love the story in the book of Hosea. Hosea was a prophet commanded to take a prostitute for a wife as an example of God’s relationship with Israel. There is a clear theme in this book: God’s immense love for his people. Obviously there is judgment, but His unfailing and redeeming love shines through the darkness of their sin. We are like Israel, who sinned and turned away from God. But because God’s grace and mercy is so great, restoration and forgiveness is available to all of us! All we need to do is receive it and live in it.

“I will betroth you to me forever;

I will betroth you in righteousness and justice,

in love and compassion.

 I will betroth you in faithfulness,

and you will acknowledge the Lord.”

Thanks for reading:). Have an amazing weekend!



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