Sarah’s Sweet Shower

My little sister is married. Crazy.

Okay okay, not little.. She’s 4 years older and also taller than me, but she’s still little in my eyes. I guess it’s kind of weird to think that the girl I shared a room and a last name with for my whole life is someone’s wife now.

She will be an incredible wife. She is honestly one of the most serving, godliest, sweetest, and loving women I know. When I watch old home videos I see how I was a little brat sometimes, but still she was so kind, patient, and sweet to me! She never changed. She’s always been the greatest sister and friend I could ask for. No one knows me like her. She knows exactly how to make me mad and how to make me smile.. And she usually makes me smile – unless she purposefully turns off the light in the room before she walks out when I’m reading a book (yeah she did that one time but then I hit her then she hit me back and it all sorted itself out haha)


I’m so blessed that God chose me to be your sister, Sarah! I love you Sissy:)

And I’m also very honored that she chose me to be her maid of honor! Of course maid of honor duties include throwing a bridal shower. This was kind of tricky considering I was in California and would only arrive in Mozambique a week before the wedding. I tried planning with my mom and the other bridesmaids via Facebook, and bought most of the decorations and supplies here in the US. With lots of last minute running around, little sleep the night before, creative adjustments, and lots of help from some wonderful ladies, I think we were able to pull off a beautiful shower for a beautiful bride-to-be.


It was a tea party theme with some fun and bright colors. The bunting was made out of paper and burlap and spelled out “Sarah”. I got these great paper poofs (I have no idea what their technical names are) from Party City. On the morning of the shower, a couple of other bridesmaids and I were walking around with big knives and scissors searching for flowers while hiding from my Dad. You see, he has a thing for his garden. At the end we found some pretty flowers and he didn’t get mad:)

      482346_10152717846310354_2122557333_n     625626_10152717845120354_841336338_n

528929_10152717845075354_1616147853_n    8554_10152717845090354_1342612973_n    540726_10152717848805354_1444159865_n


It was brunch. The cute cherry blossom plates, “i do” napkins, and wedding dress cups were also from Party City. I love that place! We made mini sandwiches: some with chicken and cucumber, others with tuna mayo. We had greek salad, a veggie tray and caprese sticks (mozzarella, basil, and cherry tomato on a toothpick and drizzled with balsamic vinegar…amazing!) For the sweet sides there were delicious chocolate chip cookies and carrot cake. We also made fruit kebabs which could be accompanied with yogurt and honey and almonds.  Oh, and of course we had tea! They were in little jars with ribbons and chalkboard labels.  We also added some adorable baby bunting to decorate the food which I am obsessed with – it’s so cute!

          553199_10152717845610354_1109714236_n           65235_10152717845485354_776848170_n         

                     562129_10152717845585354_1374525791_n             425936_10152717845015354_1939397763_n


269204_10152717845210354_1044853969_n        527652_10152717846075354_1730800011_n        

                   603739_10152717845310354_1923104501_n            553048_10152717846540354_1750571337_n


First off the bride needed her accessories: a sparkly tiara with a veil, a light up ring, and a button.

                    580395_10152717848575354_1860991140_n          482881_10152717849425354_42924647_n

(these are the wedding dress cups I mentioned earlier)
Sarah with 3 of her 5 bridesmaids: Me, Crysty, and Emily

64341_10152717849270354_444454984_n          62334_10152717846890354_736247626_n          539984_10152717849045354_983816372_n

One of the games we played was bridal charades and we had lots of fun:

           156012_10152717850010354_542339704_n       734383_10152717854840354_1636905232_n

We were able to bless Sarah and shower her with gifts! Oh, and there’s more bunting of course:

3643_10152717846160354_1795191789_n                   392598_10152717852010354_671612249_n

599279_10152717852445354_1134854320_n                 206421_10152717850660354_864841836_n

168546_10152717853140354_1587992800_n     521471_10152717854455354_311449262_n     599816_10152717853265354_114779599_n

I asked Bruno (the groom and also my new brother) some questions and recorded his answers, and then played them after Sarah replied to the same ones. They got pretty much every single one right.. it was ridiculous:

          MEEEEEE              5951_10152717857270354_2102125171_n

We wrote single words (except Crysty the rebel who wrote two haha) that we wished for their marriage on little pieces of paper and then put them inside balloons for Sarah to pop and discover. She could keep them for a scrapbook or something. And these cute little panty bags were favors for the guests:


We ended the party by praying over Sarah and Bruno and their new chapter as a married couple:

             521536_10152717857940354_2070201724_n           483792_10152717857475354_1895908926_n

When it was time to leave we were joined by these little princesses:

625595_10152717861540354_2020535609_n             579406_10152717860245354_1866059422_n

I hope you enjoyed and hopefully got some new ideas if you ever need to throw a bridal shower or any other party really:)

Thanks for reading!

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